Stuff I Ate 2012.04.06

April 6, 2012

Egg + Egg White Scramble, Rutabaga Sweet Potato Puree, Cheezy Veggie Sauce (the yellow-orange bit at 4:00)


I dipped the egg in the cheezy sauce to eat. Yum. I don’t like how anemic eggs look when I add so much whites to the mix. Gimme those bright orange pastured eggs!

Food Protege confessed today that she had a bite of something verboten. And loved it. Until an hour later. I love feeling like all this time I’ve invested on research over the past few years is helping someone other than myself. Just a little over a week to go. Where’s my next client?

Big Ass Salad and BBQ Chix


More IF research, but still nothing conclusive. A lot of of the evidence is anecdotal, but does seem to indicate hormone levels aren’t negatively affected with fasting periods shorter than 24 hours. I’ve linked the article above because some of you (ahem, Chris) might be interested in the section entitled ‘Breakfast’. I love eggs too much to do IF every day. But based on research that showed women derived the most positive effects with a short fast every four days, I’m thinking twice a week would be doable.

Roast Beast, Best Green Beans in the World, Freaktastic Broccoli


Clearly, I’m not Catholic nor any other variety of Christian since I had beef on Good Friday.

I think crockpots should be renamed ‘Feline Torture Device’. This roast cooked all day and drove the cats absolutely bonkers.



And I may have had a cookie or three, but who’s counting.


Stuff I Ate 2012.04.05

April 5, 2012

No breakfast today. I had to stay up most of the night on a deployment call at a client’s request. By the time I woke up this morning and had a workout and shower, it was 11:00. May as well just wait for lunch at that point.

With all this accidental fasting, I’m reading more into IF. The leangains site is intriguing. My workouts are finally building some muscle, but the new muscles are still hiding beneath chubb. The only thing that makes me a bit hesitant is I haven’t been able to find research regarding fasting effects on a sluggish thyroid. Some people think it’s a bad thing, but I haven’t found any scientific proof.

Big Ass Salad, BBQ Chicken, Cabbage Egg Foo Young


An odd combo to be sure, but I was missing my morning egg fix so I threw the Egg Foo Young on there.

Dilled Tilapia, Potato Fennel Soup, Freaktastic Broccoli


A while back, I tried Mel’s recipe for green beans. I scaled the recipe and messed up something with the proportions. Regardless of what I did wrong I knew the sauce tasted amazing, but I felt like green beans weren’t the best vehicle to hold on to the sauce. Enter broccoli. Good call. The sauce gets stuck in all the cracks and crevices. Yum. This is a keeper for those weeks when I’ve already had too much plain roasted broccoli.

Melted Bananas and Strawberries


I’m so predictable.

Did some baking for the weekend. I’ve been in search of the perfect paleo macaroon for at least 18 months. Here are three new formulations I’ve never tried before. I think the winner might be on this plate. And it’s not the one I wanted to win. (sshhh….it’s vegan)


Stuff I Ate 2012.04.04

April 4, 2012

Egg + Egg White Scramble and Rutabaga-Sweet Potato Puree


It wasn’t convenient to eat lunch today so I didn’t. That’s one of my favorite aspects of eating a moderate carb paleo-ish diet. I can do that and not feel like I’m gonna die.

Big Ass Salad with White Turkey Taco Meat, Olive Rosemary Toast slathered with Earth Balance, Carrot Soup


I couldn’t go the day without a salad, so this was dinner. Added the soup since it turned a bit chilly today. Fresh batch of salad sprinkles…yeah!

Melted Bananas with Strawberries


Surprised, anyone?

Stuff I Ate 2012.04.03

April 3, 2012

Hi there. Apologies for the little blip. We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

Scrambled Eggs and Rutabaga-Sweet Potato Puree


Big Ass Salad with White Turkey Taco Meat


All out of salad sprinkles. (sniffle)

Food Protege is doing fabulously! She’s such a great student. She reports that her primary health concern is much improved. Less than two weeks to go and then we re-introduce foods to try to identify a single culprit. She’s praying on a daily basis that cow dairy isn’t the problem.

FP, if you’re reading, look away now.


It has come to my attention that some people who are sensitive to casein can handle fermented cow dairy just fine. So I’ve been doing a little experiment.

2% Organic Greek Yogurt with Cranberry/Blueberry Pure-Fruit Spread


Oh. My.
Sooo. Good.

Just to be sure, this is now the third time I’ve completed this experiment. And all seems well! I don’t get the usual cow dairy reactions when I eat this. A little bit exciting. A little bit scary. Do you know how many of these yogurt tubs I could eat in a week? yum. I’ve only tried this exact brand/formulation. Guess now I have to try some others, just to be sure. 😉

I don’t want to get into a yogurt habit because I really don’t have the calories to spare on a daily basis. But do you know how many amazing things you can do with greek yogurt? Sour cream replacement, luscious sauces, protein-rich smoothies…. The possibilities are endless! This could be trouble. Fortunately, Costco only sells greek yogurt with all the stuff added. Have to get this plain stuff at Whole Paycheck. At least it’s cheaper than the $3 goat’s milk yogurt.

Mustard Lime Chicken, Best Green Beans in the World, Potato Fennel Soup


Chicken is from the freezer, which is why it looks a little sad. I had two fennel bulbs so I made the soup to stock the freezer and of course I had to have some. The green beans — they really are the best green beans in the world. I love these more than my go-to Green Bean Fries. They’re like “gotta make it fancy because guests are coming to dinner” caliber. And if you shortcut the original recipe a bit, they cook up in about 5 minutes. I don’t follow this person’s blog so I don’t know how I came across the recipe, but I’m glad I did. Anyway, the first time I made them I was a bit grumbly because they dirtied up two pots. Then I ate them. Almost worth it. To throw this together even faster and easier this time, I used frozen beans and par-cooked them in the ‘wave for a couple minutes. Easy peasy.

Strawberries and Bananas


I obviously didn’t need this, but my veggie people mistakenly gave me strawberries instead of zucchini this week. I’m not sure how that happens, but I AM pretty sure a pound of strawberries is worth more than a pound of zucchini so I’m not complaining. And they’re delicious. yum.

Stuff I Ate 2012.03.27

March 27, 2012

Morning Glory Muffin


Food protege (FP) started her detox yesterday. I gave her this muffin recipe as an idea for a transitional breakfast. She brought me one last night and I saved it for this morning’s breakfast.

First – miraculous that it survived the night. This speaks volumes about how my food attitudes are shifting. Second – I love, love, LOVE that I got to eat a baked good prepared by someone other than myself. It was delicious although both of us agree the recipe could use a small boost in sweetness.

She wasn’t holding up too well last night. I told her to go take a bath and hit the sack early. Let’s think happy thoughts for FP.

Spinach Salad and Pollo Arrosto E Chevre Pizza


Applying the 90/10 rule for a lunch meeting at SPIN pizza.

Salad: baby spinach, crimini mushrooms, italian bacon, carmelized onions, roasted grape tomatoes, glazed pecans, goat cheese, chianti vinaigrette.
Pizza: GF crust, roasted garlic olive oil glaze, roast chicken, goat cheese, carmelized onions, crimini mushrooms. Held the cow dairy.

So. Good. It’s unfathomable that this is the first time I’ve been to SPIN; they were the first pizza joint in the area to offer gluten-free crust. Rumor has it they’re opening up a shop near my house next year. Yum.

I think there may have been a little bit of cow dairy hidden somewhere because I felt short-of-breath after lunch. It also could have been the yeast in the dough. Yeast doesn’t like me. It didn’t last long; hopefully that will be the only reaction.

Iced Chai Green Tea Latte


The pizza carbs made me sleepy. No, this is not decaf. Yes, that is a cat. My life is good.

Big Ass Salad with Green Chile Turkey Burger


After my giant lunch, I wasn’t really hungry for dinner. But there was turkey needing to be cooked. And since I went through the effort, I may as well eat some of it, right?

Applesauce, Cinnamon, Wild Blueberries


And even though I still wasn’t hungry, I wanted something. Yeah, it’s a weird combo. But it’s what I wanted. Well, it was my second choice.

I really want some pineapple.

Stuff I Ate 2012.03.26

March 26, 2012

No breakfast photo; I recently decided to start practicing IF for Monday breakfast. I’m always behind on Mondays so I thought this was the perfect time to work it in. I’m not sure….I was just as rushed today!

Big Ass Salad with Mustard Lime Chicken, office style


Meatballs and Sauce over a bed of Sweet Potato/Cauliflower Puree and topped with Sauteed Spinach


Fancy! Bonus points for creative use of leftovers

Iced Chai Green Tea Latte


I had this at about 9:30 PM, so it was decaf. 🙂 I’m “of the age” now that I will not be able to sleep if I have caffeine after about 4 in the afternoon. It’s okay. In trade, I now have wisdom.

Stuff I Ate 2012.03.25

March 25, 2012

Prosciutto Egg Cups (again)


Once I crack the package o’ pig, these show up a lot.

Big Ass Salad w/ leftover spiced Mahi-Mahi and Sweet Potato/Cauliflower puree


Spicy Meatballs with Sauce, Roasted Acorn Squash Slices, Steamed Spinach


Dinner snuck up on me (as it often does on Sundays). This is a bit random, I know. Oh well.

I found a new butcher! Well, I’ve never had a butcher before, so I guess he’s not “new”. But I’m sold. I didn’t get the run down on everything (they had anything you can think of), but I learned that all of the beef is pastured/hormone-free/antibiotic-free and some is grass-fed. I also noticed a big freezer case with fun things like elk. The only bad thing is that it’s quite a trek to get over there. Going to have to figure out how to work this into my schedule once a month or something.

Beef was used to make these meatballs and they were the most tender, melt-in-your-mouth meatballs I’ve ever eaten. Way better than the organic stuff from Whole Foods or Costco. Yay for local business!

Is this a surprise to anyone? Didn’t think so.