Cobbling Dinner from the Freezer

September 12, 2012

I’ve been following a fairly clean paleo diet for about two years now. Probably around 90/10 “compliance”. All of the health markers people usually care about are in great shape. Blood pressure, pulse, triglycerides, oxygen levels, etc., etc. are all spot on. But I have still failed to make much headway on thyroid related markers. Sure, my temperature is up and approaching “normal” and the nodule is stable, but I still have hypo symptoms and tests show that I’m still not converting T4 to T3 properly. I want more, dammit!

This fact along with a few other little buggers convinced me I need to try the Paleo Auto-Immune protocol. You mean it’s possible I could go through winter without white/numb fingers? Sign me up!

But I won’t lie. It’s challenging. With all things challenging comes knowledge and growth. I started this week and I guess this is day 3. Must. Fight. Food. Boredom.

I had some ground turkey in the fridge for tonight’s dinner. Most of the recipes I have around that use ground turkey contain verboten ingredients, namely nightshades. So I had to get creative. Well, mostly I just started throwing stuff I found in the kitchen into a pan. And it turned out delicious!


Granted, it doesn’t photograph well, but here we have:

Bacon Fat
Ground Turkey
Onion – I was feeling the need for carbs so I included LOTS of onion. Who knew onion was a good source of carbs. It is!
Sweet Potato
Sage <== the secret

When I realized I had the diced up 'tater to use I thought, "hmmm…that's kinda like butternut. And you know what's really good with butternut?…….SAGE!" It made this dish. And the house smells amazing!

I don't have a photo of my dinner plate because I hadn't planned on this turning out very well. You get to see my leftovers. 🙂 I ate it alongside a pile of roasted broccoli.


One Response to “Cobbling Dinner from the Freezer”

  1. Chris Says:

    I totally hear you on food boredom. standing strong with you!

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