Stuff I Ate 2012.04.10

April 10, 2012

Had to be out the door fast this morning so it was IF for breakfast again.



Chicken Mix-Up with Bonus Roasted Asparagus


I love eating chicken mix-up. Partially because I eat it right out of the pan and it seems like a ton of food even though it really isn’t.

Chocolate Shake


I had a craving for a chocolate shake after lunch. It was still with me after dinner so I whipped this up. Suppose I should mention that this is dairy-free, sugar-free, and chocolate-free.

WHAT?! Yes, a chocolate-free chocolate shake. Chocolate is no bueno for me. The last time I had some I even developed hives! So I’m staying away unless there’s a compelling reason not to. I used carob powder to create the chocolate color and chocolate flavored stevia for the chocolate taste. yum. It hit the spot.


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