Stuff I Ate 2012.04.06

April 6, 2012

Egg + Egg White Scramble, Rutabaga Sweet Potato Puree, Cheezy Veggie Sauce (the yellow-orange bit at 4:00)


I dipped the egg in the cheezy sauce to eat. Yum. I don’t like how anemic eggs look when I add so much whites to the mix. Gimme those bright orange pastured eggs!

Food Protege confessed today that she had a bite of something verboten. And loved it. Until an hour later. I love feeling like all this time I’ve invested on research over the past few years is helping someone other than myself. Just a little over a week to go. Where’s my next client?

Big Ass Salad and BBQ Chix


More IF research, but still nothing conclusive. A lot of of the evidence is anecdotal, but does seem to indicate hormone levels aren’t negatively affected with fasting periods shorter than 24 hours. I’ve linked the article above because some of you (ahem, Chris) might be interested in the section entitled ‘Breakfast’. I love eggs too much to do IF every day. But based on research that showed women derived the most positive effects with a short fast every four days, I’m thinking twice a week would be doable.

Roast Beast, Best Green Beans in the World, Freaktastic Broccoli


Clearly, I’m not Catholic nor any other variety of Christian since I had beef on Good Friday.

I think crockpots should be renamed ‘Feline Torture Device’. This roast cooked all day and drove the cats absolutely bonkers.



And I may have had a cookie or three, but who’s counting.


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