Stuff I Ate 2012.04.05

April 5, 2012

No breakfast today. I had to stay up most of the night on a deployment call at a client’s request. By the time I woke up this morning and had a workout and shower, it was 11:00. May as well just wait for lunch at that point.

With all this accidental fasting, I’m reading more into IF. The leangains site is intriguing. My workouts are finally building some muscle, but the new muscles are still hiding beneath chubb. The only thing that makes me a bit hesitant is I haven’t been able to find research regarding fasting effects on a sluggish thyroid. Some people think it’s a bad thing, but I haven’t found any scientific proof.

Big Ass Salad, BBQ Chicken, Cabbage Egg Foo Young


An odd combo to be sure, but I was missing my morning egg fix so I threw the Egg Foo Young on there.

Dilled Tilapia, Potato Fennel Soup, Freaktastic Broccoli


A while back, I tried Mel’s recipe for green beans. I scaled the recipe and messed up something with the proportions. Regardless of what I did wrong I knew the sauce tasted amazing, but I felt like green beans weren’t the best vehicle to hold on to the sauce. Enter broccoli. Good call. The sauce gets stuck in all the cracks and crevices. Yum. This is a keeper for those weeks when I’ve already had too much plain roasted broccoli.

Melted Bananas and Strawberries


I’m so predictable.

Did some baking for the weekend. I’ve been in search of the perfect paleo macaroon for at least 18 months. Here are three new formulations I’ve never tried before. I think the winner might be on this plate. And it’s not the one I wanted to win. (sshhh….it’s vegan)



3 Responses to “Stuff I Ate 2012.04.05”

  1. Athena Says:

    I tried melted banana yesterday. next time I will melt it more thoroughly. But it was yummy!

    • Kim Says:

      Yay! I’ve started adding just a bit of coconut oil to the banana slices before I melt them. Extra lusciousness. But I know how you are with coconut oil so take it easy! 🙂

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