Stuff I Ate 2012.04.03

April 3, 2012

Hi there. Apologies for the little blip. We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

Scrambled Eggs and Rutabaga-Sweet Potato Puree


Big Ass Salad with White Turkey Taco Meat


All out of salad sprinkles. (sniffle)

Food Protege is doing fabulously! She’s such a great student. She reports that her primary health concern is much improved. Less than two weeks to go and then we re-introduce foods to try to identify a single culprit. She’s praying on a daily basis that cow dairy isn’t the problem.

FP, if you’re reading, look away now.


It has come to my attention that some people who are sensitive to casein can handle fermented cow dairy just fine. So I’ve been doing a little experiment.

2% Organic Greek Yogurt with Cranberry/Blueberry Pure-Fruit Spread


Oh. My.
Sooo. Good.

Just to be sure, this is now the third time I’ve completed this experiment. And all seems well! I don’t get the usual cow dairy reactions when I eat this. A little bit exciting. A little bit scary. Do you know how many of these yogurt tubs I could eat in a week? yum. I’ve only tried this exact brand/formulation. Guess now I have to try some others, just to be sure. 😉

I don’t want to get into a yogurt habit because I really don’t have the calories to spare on a daily basis. But do you know how many amazing things you can do with greek yogurt? Sour cream replacement, luscious sauces, protein-rich smoothies…. The possibilities are endless! This could be trouble. Fortunately, Costco only sells greek yogurt with all the stuff added. Have to get this plain stuff at Whole Paycheck. At least it’s cheaper than the $3 goat’s milk yogurt.

Mustard Lime Chicken, Best Green Beans in the World, Potato Fennel Soup


Chicken is from the freezer, which is why it looks a little sad. I had two fennel bulbs so I made the soup to stock the freezer and of course I had to have some. The green beans — they really are the best green beans in the world. I love these more than my go-to Green Bean Fries. They’re like “gotta make it fancy because guests are coming to dinner” caliber. And if you shortcut the original recipe a bit, they cook up in about 5 minutes. I don’t follow this person’s blog so I don’t know how I came across the recipe, but I’m glad I did. Anyway, the first time I made them I was a bit grumbly because they dirtied up two pots. Then I ate them. Almost worth it. To throw this together even faster and easier this time, I used frozen beans and par-cooked them in the ‘wave for a couple minutes. Easy peasy.

Strawberries and Bananas


I obviously didn’t need this, but my veggie people mistakenly gave me strawberries instead of zucchini this week. I’m not sure how that happens, but I AM pretty sure a pound of strawberries is worth more than a pound of zucchini so I’m not complaining. And they’re delicious. yum.


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