Stuff I Ate 2012.03.26

March 26, 2012

No breakfast photo; I recently decided to start practicing IF for Monday breakfast. I’m always behind on Mondays so I thought this was the perfect time to work it in. I’m not sure….I was just as rushed today!

Big Ass Salad with Mustard Lime Chicken, office style


Meatballs and Sauce over a bed of Sweet Potato/Cauliflower Puree and topped with Sauteed Spinach


Fancy! Bonus points for creative use of leftovers

Iced Chai Green Tea Latte


I had this at about 9:30 PM, so it was decaf. 🙂 I’m “of the age” now that I will not be able to sleep if I have caffeine after about 4 in the afternoon. It’s okay. In trade, I now have wisdom.


2 Responses to “Stuff I Ate 2012.03.26”

  1. Athena Says:

    what is the dif betw IF and skipping bfast? for years people tell me to eat bfast and I don’t want to since I’m not hungry (it could be that I’ve had a cuppa and that’s why). now people say fast. looks like skipping bfast was good after all.

    • Kim Says:

      IMO, there isn’t one really. Somebody just gave it a name so it could be called something other than skipping breakfast.

      Did our ancestors eat at regular intervals? Nope. Eating fewer than three meals per day isn’t going to derail anyone’s health. I do agree that eating wakes up the metabolism….so eating breakfast is a good excuse to eat more overall? 😉

      As a recovered anorexic, I’m probably not the person to listen to when it comes to skipping meals. I don’t plan on making a habit of it. I like my eggs too much!

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