Stuff I Ate 2012.03.23

March 23, 2012

Man, I’m glad it’s Friday. Seriously….people need to STOP scheduling me to be places at the ass-crack of morning. It’s harshing my breakfast mellow.

Cabbage Egg Foo Young


Hey, look! It’s leftovers from last night. Yes, they’re a little dark, but they’re not as burned as they look here. Once I figure out the seasonings, I’m going to love these for freezer-breakfast.

Big ass salad with BBQ chicken


BBQ is back! Yay! I made this batch a little juicer than usual. Yum.

Guac-Topped, Spiced Sweet Potato Rounds and a little Chili-Spiced Mahi-Mahi on a bed of cabbage and spinach


Work ran late and had I prepared dinner according to plan, I wouldn’t have eaten until after bedtime. So I went off the rails again and came up with this. Mexicano night!

The sweet potato rounds came from a vegan blog. I wonder how the vegans would feel if they knew a paleo-hacker was benefiting from their work. They’ve taught me a lot of neat stuff.

Since I don’t eat chips these days, it’s been forever since I made guac. Oh my. So good. And, even now, so FULL. I’m stuffed.


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