Stuff I Ate 2012.03.21

March 21, 2012

Today was chaos! Oy.

Scrambled eggs and half a nuked sweet potato. (Careful eyes will spot one of my real-food “cheats” that I won’t give up — Earth Balance spread on the tater.)


A couple of brazil nuts (not pictured) while I prepped my big ass salad with chipotle-spiced venison meatloaf.


It was another green tea chai latte kinda day.


Super quick dinner from last night’s remainders. I know, I know….boooooring. I’ll have something new for you tomorrow.


Grapes in two forms at a girlie soiree: a few whole grapes from the snack table and in liquid form as shown in the undercover photo below. I should’ve had water. Morning is going to come early tomorrow.


Exercise: Way too brief warm-up on the basement treadmill, Monday’s BodyRock workout, plus a few minutes of bonus dumbell action. Rain, rain, go away.


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