Stuff I Ate 2011.10.08

October 8, 2011

I was just deleting all the old photos off my phone. There were so many half-finished days I never posted! So let’s do this…..
Almost had the bite in my mouth and then I remembered. Sausage patty, pancakes with smooshed frozen raspberries. I’m messing with pancake recipes; I also ate one tester not shown here.

I thought this salad was so gorgeous I had to take a photo before I cluttered it up with dressing and sprinkles and stuff.

Here it is all dressed up and with the most delicious chicken I’ve ever eaten. (yes, Alli, even better than the chicken you fed me at the cabin.)

Almost forgot again! Last bite of a piece of carob raspberry fudge.

Lemony cod, tiny sweet potato, green bean fries. Didn’t eat the whole piece of fish. It was huge!

Chai chia pudding


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