Stuff I Ate 2011.07.24

July 24, 2011


wow.  blurry.  Roasted chicken (with juices; hence the mug), leftover kale, coconut bread with pure fruit preserves.  These were really skinny slices so I went for two.  A few months ago, the idea of having “dinner” food for breakfast just did not make sense to my brain.  This was a delicious post-run brekkie today.  I guess I’m starting to get over the breakfast=sweet mindset I’ve had all my life.


After that huge breakfast, I was still hungry.  I hit up the coconut butter jar.  And then the dried cherries (which I forgot to take a picture of.)  Getting sloppy!  Must get that in check.


Why did this end up sideways?  Oh well.  Taco salad.  What?  You can too put carrots in taco salad.  Leave me alone, it’s my salad.  This was a salad FAIL.  The avocados in storage were too green to cut.  A taco salad isn’t really a taco salad with no avocado.

Then I hit up the coconut butter again.  Sloppy, slippery slope!  Step one towards no food post-dinner:  if you must have something, have some fat.



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