Stuff I Ate 2011.07.20

July 21, 2011


Scrambled eggs with salsa; sad little bits of roasted chicken; two brazil nuts


Bigass salad with Em’s BBQ chicken, including this season’s first zucchini!!  🙂


I may have been a bit too anxious to harvest and his little butt fell off as a wrangled him from the vine.


Thai coconut-lime shrimp, green bean “fries”, leftover cabbage and mushrooms.

First, I have to say something about the shrimp.  I have been a shrimp HATER my entire life.  When you start eating mass quantities of animal protein, you start to wonder what else you can eat to add some variety.  I saw a recipe for prawn cakes and got to thinking.  Costco has shrimp for cheap and if I flavored it right, maybe I wouldn’t be a shrimp hater.

Well, I tried it and those cakes were DELISH.  The leftovers didn’t even make it to the freezer.  The next step was try to eating their little bodies intact.  🙂  This was my first attempt.  The seasonings were so yummy, but I need to learn how to not overcook shrimp.  Either way, happy to have a new protein option in my life.

Danielle asked for the cabbage recipe and here goes.  It’s so easy all it requires is recipe shorthand.

* Heat fat in a skillet over medium-high.

* Add a few cloves of SLICED garlic.  (Do not mince or press.)

* Once the garlic becomes fragrant and starts to golden (happens really fast, don’t let it burn) add in a boatload of chopped greens (cabbage, kale, collards, chard…’s all good!)  and some sliced mushrooms.

* Stir to coat with the garlicky fat.

* When the greens are “bright” add a generous amount of veggie or chicken stock and deglaze the pan.

* Turn down the heat and allow to simmer until the liquid is mostly evaporated, stirring occasionally.  You may wish to cover if you want it to take longer and really cook down the greens.

* Salt, pepper, serve.  I found that the addition of some caraway seeds is nice with the cabbage.

Note:  I normally cook up greens like this using ghee.  Ghee is banned during the Whole30 so I’ve been using olive oil.  NOT AS GOOD!  Ghee is key to yummy here.  I would’ve added it back into my diet if I wasn’t out.  (I know my body is cool with ghee.)  I have it on the agenda to make up a batch this weekend.  I miss my ghee!


Frozen mixed berries; blob of almond butter; coconut milk; coconut chips; spices


Handful of dried cherries.  The frozen berry combo was a bad idea or didn’t have enough protein because it kicked off a sweet craving. Not a great way to total up the day.  Why does my thumb look like it belongs to a giant?

Cals: 1581

F: 46%

C: 25%

P: 29%

Exercise: hobbling around the neighborhood for about an hour



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