Stuff I Ate 2011.07.18

July 18, 2011

The combination of a questionable thyroid, recently diagnosed PCOS (had it for a while; the diagnosis is recent), and my tendency towards compulsive/binge eating is making it very difficult for me to maintain a healthy weight.  Or, more accurately, a healthy body fat %.  Add to that the fact that I don’t want to MAINTAIN, I want to LOSE fat / add muscle and you get one super frustrated chic.

Despite the fact that I’ve been following Whole9’s Whole30 program this month, body fat is still going the wrong direction.  I’ve read about people posting everything they eat in a day as a tool to help them increase their mindfulness about eating.  Can’t hurt to try, right?  Here goes…


Eggy bake (equates to roughly .75 eggs) and coconut bread (more egg, really) with almond butter and cinnamon


Gigantic salad with chili on top.  I know it looks gross, but it was delicious.  Except for the cucumbers.  I wonder when I will learn that I don’t like plain cucumbers in my salad.


High-protein coconut berry bomb (For those keeping score at home – no sugar, no stevia, no sweetener except the berries)

Only two full-sized meals today.  I’m practicing a little IF to reset my ghrelin levels. As a result, protein is a little lower than I’d like. I did okay bumping up the calories in the rest of my meals, but not with balancing the macro nutrients. See, this is helping already.

Cals: 1242
F: 56%
C: 25%
P: 19%

Exercise:  50 minutes of stretchy yoga


2 Responses to “Stuff I Ate 2011.07.18”

  1. mandyx2 Says:

    I love your salads. I piled the grossest, unsalady stuff in mine. Anything goes. And I really dislike tomatoes or red bell pepper in mine, yet I continue to put them in because of the food value. I think I don’t like how difficult it is to stab them with a fork. Anywayz, the saladilli made me hungry 🙂

  2. Athena Says:

    very cool. I’ll be back for more tasty ideas. and to spy on your food. I’ve started blogging again at PP30

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